The Who behind X's and O's

 Hi everyone (waves frantically), my name is Losa, and I own and operate X's and O's Handcrafted. Also known as X's and O's Candle Co. 

 This all started off during the pandemic when I started to make candles for fun from a kit my oldest son had gotten me. And I instantly fell in love with candle making, the chemistry, the smell, the functionality of getting a great smell that I know will brighten the days of my customers. 

 A year later I started to incorporate lotions, body butters, and then cold process soap. Because I my sons again wanted natural products they could use and I'm a mom first and wanted to create something for my boys that would meet their needs and be safe and natural. 

 So why X's and O's? Because my kids are the reason I started this business, they are the reason I wanted to create a legacy that they could point to when its all said and done. And when I think of my kids, I think hugs and kisses, hence the X's and O's. Simple but profound. 

 I work a full time job as an account manager and love what I do but I wanted to make a difference especially with my kids in mind. And let me tell you I love making candles, and soaps. This creative side of me thrives in the process. 

So in a nutshell this is who I am and what I do. 

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